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Heavy Duty Towing & Rotator Service

This is a picture of a heavy duty towing & rotator service.

If you represent a company that is currently moving trailers from Springfield across Greene County then you have come to the right place! You can never too prepared especially when it comes to job safety measures. Although, it is never a driver’s intention to have, an incident occur on the road or for his truck to have a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. It’s always good to know who to call if this does happen. We have seen our fair share of truck and bus incidents over the years. This has allowed us to be better equipped to handle such issues! We have also aided in a variety of other projects across many industries that have used our trucks as allies to help them in construction projects and within the agricultural industry.

Boom Trucks

Boom tow trucks are the gold standard in heavy-duty towing. We just so happen to have a couple at our disposal. These monsters come equipped with cranes and other equipment to be able to aide trailers and buses in the case of an emergency. Not only is the crane the only useful aspect, but these trucks also contain a flatbed that is capable of carrying very heavy objects. This aspect allows our boom trucks to serve many purposes outside of the aide in wrecks. As we said, they are also a very useful asset in construction and agriculture, but we will get to that in a little bit.

Rotator Service

Wrecks can have grave consequences especially when heavy-duty vehicles are in involved. Our trucks are fully capable of getting wrecked buses and trailers out of the road in a timely and safe fashion. This is especially important when there are potentially injured people within these trucks. You are going to want professionals getting that job done! We work both in urban and rural environments providing these services.

Agricultural Use

We have also been on hand to help many of the companies around Springfield that are in one way or another dedicated to the production of agricultural products. We have seen some of their heavy machinery fall into bodies of water or get stuck in ditches or mudslides. These companies have called upon our heavy duty towing services to get their tractors and other machinery back on safe ground.

Construction Services

Construction companies have also been known to feature on our list of frequent clients. Both the crane and flatbed featured in our boom trucks have served as great allies when it comes to building all sorts of structures. In these cases, we have also covered emergency situations within the construction industry. Aiding to lift and tow away heavy objects that have abruptly fallen or obstructed roads after heavy rain and other issues. If you happen to be interested in a service nature be sure to contact us within a reasonable time frame before the date that you would need the use of one of our boom trucks. (Unless it’s an emergency situation of course!)

Springfield, MO