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Light to Medium Towing

This is a picture of a light to medium towing.

Most of the individual people that give us call require this type of towing. Maybe because it’s not very common to see someone driving a big rig to their 9 to 5! All kidding aside though, we have been able to provide our clients with a reliable 24-hour towing service for many years. Whether it be in emergency situations or scheduled pick-ups we offer a couple of options when it comes to Light and medium towing. We provide these options because we understand the even though the cars may look the same not all towing situations are made equal! The care in handling that a classic car requires is not that same that wrecked car will receive.

Flatbed Towing

These are the type of tow trucks where the car is fully mounted on a platform and is then elevated to ride as cargo would on a pick-up truck. This type of towing can be applied to recovery towing and all of 24-hour towing services. It is best for towing cars that are not damaged but need to be moved from place to place. It can also be used for cars who get flat tires and don’t have a spare or enough spare tires that can be mounted and allow them to complete their journey. It may not be ideal for some wrecked cars, however, it is quite the best option for show cars and classics. Even bikes that need to travel without putting miles on them are ideal to put on a flatbed tow truck!

Quick Pick or Repo Truck

This next option is very popular with the authorities when they have to move repossessed cars or cars that are wrongfully parked. This is also an ideal towing mechanism to tackle light and medium towing. In some case, the towed car still has two wheels on the ground that remain in use while it is being towed. This type of truck is usually lighter than your typical tow truck, and it works great for short distances. A lot of these trucks are also equipped with tools to perform winch outs with smaller vehicles.

Emergency Towing

Even something that could seem as simple as a flat tire and cause anyone to be stranded by the side of the road. This can be very scary, and above all dangerous. At Springfield Wrecking Service we cover everything from a big wreck to a flat tire when it comes to towing small vehicles. What’s important to note though is that both our staff and our trucks are equipped to handle tougher wrecks even with smaller trucks. We are more than happy to provide assistance in any type of emergency

Long Distance Towing

We have proudly served Greene County for a number of years. That being said we understand that some of our clients may have needs that go beyond our typical coverage area. Especially when people from out of time face difficulties with their cars while in Springfield. If that is your case we will be happy to discuss the multiple options we have when it comes to these types of circumstances!

Springfield, MO